Bridgemont Heavy Duty, BMC Series

Concrete Deck, Flat Top, Motor Truck Scale

Legal-for-Trade CC 97-074 Class IIIL 10,000 Divisons



BMC Series includes 75K alloy steel Easi-Post Weigh Bars® with stainless steel Easi-Post components (threaded cap, post and

lower cup), 50' interface cable, junction boxes, platform ground wires with clamps, surge protection for Weigh Bars and junction

box and AC line protection for indicator. Interface cable and all Weigh Bar cable is stainless steel sheathed.


The BMC series arrives at the installation site in pre-assembled modules. Final calibration of electronics must be done after the

concrete decks has cured.


The BMC Series truck scales have a concentrated load capacity (CLC) and dual tandem axle capacity (DTA) of 90,000 lb (45,000

kg). The “r” factor rating is 2.65 on all sizes.


BMC Series: 11-ft width, 14-in profile (actual platform width 11')

We recommend the following accessories:


**Due to the recent steel price increases, some of our products are subject to steel surcharges. Prices listed are subject to change without notice. Please contact our office for a quote on truck scales.