Track & Truck Scale

Legal-for-Trade CC96-172 Class IIIL 10,000 Divisions


Comboweigh consists of a range of scales that can be used to weigh fully loaded railcars as well as fully loaded truck traffic. The

scales are designed to comply with all A.R.E.A. requirements including Cooper E-80 loading, AAR Scale Handbook and NIST

Handbook 44 requirements for commercial weighing. These scales have a gross capacity of 200 tons with a sectional capacity

of 180 tons.


The scales are available with either a steel or concrete deck surface. Each model’s list price includes the weighbridge, load cells, load

cell mountings and grout plates, anti-creep angles and summing boxes with surge protection.


The model's list price does not include load cell cable, (summing box to indicator), instrumentation, weighbridge rail, approach rail, rail

clips and mounting hardware and anchor bolts, pit and foundation reinforcing rods or corrugated galvanized sheeting.

The scale must be used with a dual range indicator, e.g. E1310, to provide increments of 20 and 50 lb.


This product has been discontinued.