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iDimension Plus Mobile

Mobile Dimensioning Solution at Product Location


  • PowerSwap Nucleus Lithium Power System is a plug and play power system, no tools, heavy lifting or maintenance personnel required for battery charges

  • Enhance speed and data collection for the optimization of warehouse space, truck/trailer loads and identifying best packaging solutions

  • Dimension directly at product location; increase productivity up to 50% by eliminating costly motion, touches and transportation time

  • Reduce operator fatigue and potential injury as carrying/moving parcels to fixed stations is eliminated

  • 30% increase in pick rates, Quickly process increased volume due to business growth, seasonal peaks & more

  • All iDimension Plus Mobile carts come standard with one top shelf, push handle with laptop shelf, waste basket, 6 in x 2 in rubber wheels with 2 locking casters, integrated power system and power strip.

The iDimension Plus Mobile carts were designed to enable quick and accurate dimensioning directly at your product location. The cart series consists of 30” and 48” long workstations that hold and power the iDimension Plus and other hardware including scales, laptops/thin clients/CPUs and printers up to 12+ hours at a time or 24/7 operation.

The iDimension Plus Mobile provides either a NewCastle systems light weight, swappable AC power industrial applications using the PowerSwap Nucleus Lithium Power System or traditional sealed lead acid (SLA) battery.

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