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iDimension Plus XL

Mountable Dimensioning Solution


  • Easy to assembly with limited operator training required, up and running within 30 minutes

  • Displays dimensions in less than 200ms

  • Requires virtually no special alignment or special handling while placing a package
    to increase throughput with adjustable scan zone and area of interest

  • Includes 7 inch USB Touch Screen Monitor:
    Displays dimensions, live overhead image, status and weight if scale is directly attached
    Initial set-up and configuration wizard
    Access to operator controls and functions

  • Dimensions parcels at 0.2 in (5 mm) legal for trade accuracy

  • Dimensions irregular, shaped packages, polybags and uneven shapes to 0.5 in (1 cm)
    legal for trade accuracy using automatic recognition

  • Legal for trade measurements do not determine the minimum and maximum measurement
    capabilities available, see website for measurement capabilities


  • Included low resolution color image captures overhead photo of every item, available in .bmp or .jpg format through XML API integration

  • High resolution color image, 2880 x 2160 pixels, available from iDimension Plus 4K


  • Optional powered USB Hub for use of more than one peripheral and UPS Worldship interface

  • Optional USB barcode scanner with keyboard wedge emulation will manually trigger dimensioning and add barcode text data into web service API.

  • Rice Lake BenchPro Shipping and Postal Scales

The iDimension® Plus XL is specifically designed for integrators to provide flexibility in the installation of a dimensioning solution anywhere over a conveyor, table or scale from a pole, ceiling mount or support beam. An optional stand is available for ease of integration over a static roller conveyor at 60.2 inches (Legal for Trade) or 79 inches above the platform. The iDimension Plus XL can be used with UPS Worldship and a barcode scanner to add barcode data to process records.

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