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Ishida Uni-7
Hanging Scale


  • Large color touchscreen (7 in)

  • Adjustable touchscreen viewing angle

  • Color graphics on customer-side display

  • Dual-range weighing (0-15 lb x 0.005 lb/15-30 lb x 0.01 lb)

  • Front-load label cassette

  • Supports multiple label formats

  • Ethernet communications

  • Internal wireless communications, 802.11 b/g

  • Up to 99 pages of preset keys

  • 77 tactile keys 

  • 4 MB standard memory expandable to 2 GB

  • Self-serve mode/operation

  • 30+ selectable fixed bar code formats

  • 2020 nutrition labeling

  • Configurable for different languages including Spanish, French and German

  • Compatible with third-party communication software, including Invatron’s PLUM and ADC’s InterScale

Hanging Scale with Colored Touchscreen

Ishida's Uni-7 hanging scale is the only hanging scale on the market with a full-color touchscreen. This space-saving, suspended design cradles product in its bowl-shaped pan. Keypad and display remain at eye level, away from busy work areas or moisture.

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