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Ishida Uni-9 Series
PC Scale

Ishida Uni-9.png


  • Large color touchscreen (12 in)

  • Adjustable touchscreen viewing angle

  • Customer display can play video on either 12.1-inch (800×600) or 7-inch (800×480) screen, bench scale only

  • Dual-range weighing (0-15 lb x 0.005 lb, 15-30 lb x 0.01 lb)

  • Label printing: die-cut labels and/or continuous paper

  • Customizable label formats: 999

  • Up to seven label cassettes allow quick label changing or easy switching to different size labels

  • Intranet browsing capabilities for order entry, recipe lookup and more

  • PC-based scale operating system

  • Solid state drive eliminates moving parts

  • SD memory card slot

  • SSD memory 250 MB

  • 80 mm wide printing

  • Up to 150 mm/sec print speed

  • 2020 nutrition labeling

  • Configurable for different languages including Spanish, French and German

  • Fully compliant with RoHS regulations for a completely lead-free machine

  • Barcodes: EAN/UPC 8/12/13, ITF FS1, QR CODE, Databar/Limited/Expanded, CODE128, EAN128

  • Compatible with third-party communication software, including ADC’s InterScale, Invatron’s PLUM and Droste's PCScale Manager

Feast Your Eyes on the Uni-9 Series

The Uni-9 Series delivers the gourmet experience in retail weighing and wrapping through a large, vivid display and advanced communication all in a more compact design.

Modern Retail Settings Want More Functionality in Less Space

Retailers will appreciate the Uni-9’s compact design that fits nicely on virtually any size counter, occupying a very small footprint. This PC-based touchscreen scale is available with a seven- or 12-inch LED backlit customer display for stunning promotional images and videos. The PC-based technology together with a crystal-sharp LED display provide more marketing capabilities such as video with sound and product pairing. In addition, more behind-the-counter functions such as store intranet access through a browser, recipe lookup, order entry and training videos reduce the need for additional PCs in all departments.

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