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Calibration of Crane Scale

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

March has already been off to a busy start for us. We recently underwent our

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation audit to maintain our quality standards. During this audit, our technicians demonstrated their procedural knowledge calibrating a 50,000 LB crane scale so we thought we would share the process with you.

First, 1000 LB certified test weights are unloaded from our heavy capacity truck and loaded on to our motorized cart.

Our 5,500 LB certified cart is loaded with the test weights for a combined weight of 17,500 LBS.

Once the cart is fully loaded with weight, it is carefully strapped to the crane scale.

Our technician monitoring the lifting of the cart and calibrating the scale.

A series of tests will be performed using the certified weights to calibrate the scale. The crane scale will be used to weigh large rolls of aluminum. The aluminum will go into flexible product packaging for Capri Sun pouches, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Yoplait Yogurt and more. They also use these rolls to make down spouts for gutters, HVAC products, insulation and reflective tape.

For Service and Maintenance: 1-800-858-1151

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