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Installation of Truck Scale at Sand Mine

It's hard to believe we are nearing October. It seems like the past few months have flown by. Probably because we have been busy, especially with truck scale installations. This month we are featuring a truck scale project at a local sand mining operation.

Scale South was contracted to build the truck scale foundation, deliver and install a 70' x 10' steel deck truck scale with remote displays, traffic signals, speakers, a weight indicator, calibrate the scale and place into service with the state.

Pouring concrete and smoothing foundation.

Completed foundation and concrete pads for traffic lights and speakers and the scale and accessories set in place on the foundation.

The Final Product: Rice Lake 70'x 10' Steel Deck Truck Scale with MSHA guide rails, intercom system, remote displays, traffic light system and weight indicator.

The scale is fully installed and in use. It can be seen here with the remote display and traffic signal alerting the driver to stop and totaling his weight. The customer will use this scale as their inbound scale, in addition to their existing scale, that will serve as their outbound scale. They can also reverse the traffic direction if needed and use this as their outbound scale as it has traffic signals, speakers and remote displays on both ends of the scale.

Scale Calibration and Maintenance

Our licensed scale technicians use our heavy capacity test truck to carry our motorized cart and certified 1,000 LB test weights to the job site and calibrate the scale per NIST standards. Calibrations are typically done on truck scales every 6 months or every 90 days depending on how heavily it is being used. Proper maintenance is vital to the longevity of your scale and required to uphold your equipment warranty. For instance, this scale came with an unbeatable 12 year warranty supported by a maintenance agreement with Scale South for regular scale calibrations.

The customer is very pleased with their new scale and may be replacing more in the future. Check out these kind words from this customer regarding the installation of this scale:

"We’ve got six sets of truck scales. Dealt with many different scale companies from good, to down right horrible. These guys are the best by a long shot! Professional from quote to install. Hard to find this kind of dedication, commitment, and quality these days. My hat is off to you guys, thanks!!!"

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