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Summer of Truck Scales

70' x 10' Rice Lake Survivor Truck Scale

The hot summer months are upon us and we have been busy catching up on maintenance requests and truck scale installations. We just completed the installation of a new 70' x 10' Steel Deck Rice Lake Truck Scale in Waynesboro, GA. This unit comes complete with Safety Side Rails and a Dual Traffic Light System. We utilized the customer's existing 920i Indicator and ticket printer. The truck scale also carries a 12 year warranty.

This project included foundation work for the truck scale. Here you can see the construction crew building the form boards and getting ready to pour the concrete. Once complete, we would set the scale into place.

In the picture above, the technicians are installing the truck scale. This scale featured pre-hung load cells from the factory which simplified the installation process. The above right picture is the 920i indicator being calibrated. In the picture below, we are using our certified cart with certified test weights to calibrate the scale. The scale was then placed in service and ready for use. The traffic light system will be installed at a later date.

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