The MSI-8000 is a full-featured remote control and display for operating the operation of dynamometers and crane scales at safe and convenient distances. Wirelessly compatible with the MSI-7300 (Dyna-Link 2 Dynamometer), and MSI-3460 and MSI-4260 crane scales, but also can be used with peripheral devices like printers, PCs and scoreboards via a combination RS-232 serial and charging port.

MSI-8000 RF Remote Display

  • (Requires An MSI Crane Scale Or Dynamometer Equipped With An RF Modem)

    •Bold five-digit (1.25 inch/38mm) LCD display
    •Ergonomic six-button keypad (Power, Zero, Tare, Print and two configurable Function keys)
    •Rechargable battery for up to 24 hours of continuous use
    •Proven reliable RF communication up to 100 feet
    •IP65 protection
    •15-minute auto shutoff
    •Syncs wirelessly with MSI-7300, MSI-3460, and MSI-4260
    Part # 139381