The Avery Weigh-Tronix QTLTSC Forklift Scale System
is a patented, legal-for-trade weighing solution. The
system includes a durable, front-mounted digital scale
carriage with Weigh Bar® electronic weight sensors
and viewing ports, as well as a choice of two in-cab
instruments. The system allows operators to easily and
quickly capture legal-for-trade weight data en route,
without extra steps.

QTLTSC Class IV Forklift Scale System

Choose an Instrument
  • The FLI 225 instrument provides a simple, no-nonsense
    solution through classic or enhanced operation for
    capturing weight and supplying it to a peripheral device.
    The FLI 425 instrument simultaneously displays multiple
    fields of data, assisting the operator with a visual
    reference. Data can be stored on-board or instantly
    transmitted wirelessly to a local or global network.