The TM-295 Printer is a terminal ticket printer with the
speed and versatility to make it an economical choice
for industrial scale applications. Its versatility is demonstrated by its list of functions.
It prints multiple character sizes, has forward and
backward paper feed. You can program page length
for page sizes from 3.5 inches square to 7 by 10 inches.
The TM-295 Printer even has a cash drawer kick out

TM-295 DOT Matrix Ticket Printer

  • PN# 23113, Printer,Ticket TMU295 Epson Cool White 24VDC W/115-230VAC External Power Supply

    It uses standard RS-232 interface, making it an easy
    peripheral to apply to data gathering equipment. Its
    512 byte memory buffer allows data reception during
    printing, improving throughput by cutting waiting time
    from the host device.