ZM510 Digital Weight Indicator
Legal for trade CC14-039 Class III/IIIL 10,000 Divisions, AM-5955C

Dot matrix display, stainless steel enclosure, US plug

A dot matrix 320 x 80 display can be used to create personalized messages such as user prompts, images and status annunciators. (Inverted display colors shown). A large QWERTY keypad offers input flexibility where adding an external keyboard would be difficult, such as panel-mount applications.


  • Part # AWT05-508005

    Keypad: QWERTY key layout, five function keys (F1-F5), English text, tactile metal dome
    Power: 12 – 36 VDC; 90-264 VAC internal 50/60 Hz, nominal 6' (1.8m) cord
    Display: ISTN, dot matrix 320 X 80 pixel display, swivel bracket/stand