Railroad Scales

Rail weighing is crucial in virtually every aspect of rail operation, from monitoring product deliveries to avoiding overloading penalties. Some of the reasons for weighing rail cars and wagons include:
  • To invoice clients for the amount of product shipped
  • To ensure your shipper isn’t overcharging
  • To determine the weight of cars and wagons to collect freight revenue
  • To avoid overloading and avoid eccentric loading, which can damage cars, wagons and rail infrastructure and lead to derailments
  • To minimize high impact loads, especially at track discontinuities like track joints, turnouts and crossings

In-Motion Rail Scale Installed by Scale South in Augusta, GA

In-motion rail scale at a local chemical manufacturing facility. This type of system allows a rail car to be weighed as it rolls over the scale adding the ability to obtain rail car weights without any additional time or effort.

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