TradeRoute HL Series On-board Weighing

May 31, 2017


The Georgia DOT is cracking down on overloaded log trucks coming into local saw mills. Having the TradeRoute HL Series Legal On-board Weighing system installed on log hauler trucks will ensure your facility is receiving goods from weight compliant haulers.


Many stock yards and mills are now requiring that haulers have an NTEP weighing system installed on their trucks. This not only protects them from overloading liabilities, but also increases efficiency, customer satisfaction and facilitates their delivery/receiving processes.


With TradeRoute, weighing is a one-person operation that takes the guess work out of your deliveries and cuts down on time spent trying to locate an approved public scale to weigh on.

What is  TradeRoute?

TradeRoute HL Series is a Legal for Trade, low-profile on-board weighing system that bolts onto your existing straight-truck frame. Hydraulics lift the container off the truck frame and within about 5 seconds you are ready to begin your weight transaction.


How is TradeRoute installed?

While the TradeRoute is easy to install, it is best to have an installing engineer mount the scale to your truck to ensure the scale modules are suitable for the truck and frame involved, and hydraulic system and operator issues are answered. The system comes complete with required hardware and your existing truck frame is not modified. Connect the included line locks to the existing hydraulic pump to allow the scale to lift in and out of weighing mode. The lifting mechanism is able to accommodate hundreds of lift and lower cycles each day by combining electronic and mechanical design concepts. The compact design of the system leaves the truck's center of gravity practically unchanged.


What is included in the TradeRoute system?

TradeRoute features a 920i Electronics Center. This systems comes with:

  • 3 or 4 Point Weigh Module Assemblies

  • RLWS 920i Indicator with inclinometer

  • Epson TM-U295 ticket printer with splash shield

  • Hydraulic Line Locks and Installation Hardware

  • Stainless Steel Junction Box

  • Conduit

  • 30’ Load cell cable

  • 30’ Power cable

  • Available RS-232 port



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