Dirty Scale? Don't Get Yourself in a Bind

August 31, 2017

Is your truck scale dirty or impacted with debris? Or maybe your scale is weighing off but you're not sure why? Truck scales are often installed in environments with sand, dirt, debris and grass. These elements, over time, can build up in and under the scale. The resulting impactions will throw off your scale's weights. You may not realize that the cleanliness of your scale is very important.

A truck scale impacted with dirt will collect moisture, which in turn will cause your equipment to rust faster. A rusty scale is not going to perform well and will degrade the lifespan of your scale and its components. It is also important during the colder months when temperatures drop suddenly to make sure your scale is clear of debris to prevent water from freezing in your truck scale. Frozen components may not function or may become damaged if not corrected.

Always make sure you have enough clearance between your scale and the ground to prevent any binding issues. Recycling centers, mines, landfills, etc. are especially prone to an impacted scale and should be checked regularly for debris. Not only could debris cause rusting issues, but your scale may also fail the Department of Agriculture's inspection causing your scale to be shut down for operation until a licensed scale company cleans, repairs and calibrates your scale to proper working order.

Let Us Do the Dirty Work!

While it may be tempting to clean your own scale, we recommend allowing a

trained scale technician perform this task. Only an experienced technician will know which components can get wet while pressure washing the equipment and you do not want to risk damaging your load cells or other vital scale parts. Whether your scale is in a pit or above ground, we can clean it out for you. We can also add this service on to your regular scale calibration schedule as you desire.










Did You Know?

Did you know that a dirty truck scale is a breeding ground for ants, wasps, hornets and rodents? Keeping your scale clean can help prevent these pests from moving in on your equipment. Rodents can chew up and damage your truck scale cables and wires and insects can pose a threat to your employees and customers around the scale. Keep it clean with Scale South to avoid these liabilities and get back to business.





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