Pre-Owned Truck Scale Installations

February 1, 2019


You may remember from our January newsletter that Scale South is often willing to offer incentives to new truck scale buyers for trading in their existing truck scale towards the purchase of a new scale. We frequently get inquiries from clients who want to install a truck scale but would like a more budget-friendly, pre-owned option, so we are always interested in adding well-maintained, used truck scales to our inventory.

Prior to the trade-in process, we inspect and evaluate the scale to make sure it will be a good value to use as a future sale or rental to a potential buyer. We recently procured two used 70'L x 10'W Thurman truck scales from customer trade-ins. The scales were quickly sold and installed at their new homes shortly after acquisition, with one scale going to a landfill in Graniteville, SC and the second scale going to a land clearing company in Hephzibah, GA.

Pre-Owned Scale Installation at Landfill


Preparing the frame work for the truck scale foundation.


Pouring concrete for truck scale foundation.

Foundation complete and truck scale set in place.


Pre-Owned Scale Installation at Land Clearing Company

Scale South is happy to provide the scale equipment, foundation construction, crane and other labor to setup your new scale. However, some of our clients are able to build their own foundation and provide the lifting equipment to move the scale. Such as the case below, we came in after the foundation was already poured by the customer and simply provided the scale equipment, installation, testing and calibration services.

Calibration of truck scale with heavy capacity truck testing unit.



So whether you've been contemplating upgrading your existing scale, trading in your old scale, or just buying a new scale all together, Scale South is your one stop shop for all things scales. Let our dedicated sales team work with you on your next project to give you top quality equipment, fair prices and unparalleled customer service.

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