SURVIVOR OTR Steel Deck Truck Scale


  • Top access to load cells and junction box

  • 75,000 lb capacity load cells and G-Force™ mount assemblies

  • Junction box(es) appropriate for number of load cells utilized

  • NTEP-certified, CC #02-003A2

  • 100,000 lb Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC)

  • 100,000 lb Dual Tandem Axle (DTA)

  • Up to 270,000 lb full scale capacity

  • Span deflection ratio (1:1100) for legal highway loads

  • Three standard widths: 10', 11', and 12' (available up to 14', NTEP-certified)


Package includes: Assembled weighbridge modules and

weighbridge fasteners; load cells with conduit fitting; load cell

mounts with leveling bolts and anchor bolts; copper transient

bypass cables at each load cell; metal conduit on weighbridge

for load cell cable runs; poly-coated flexible steel conduit from

load cell to metal conduit; conduit fittings from poly-coated

flexible steel conduit to metal conduit; FRP junction box(es);

homerun cable to indicator (60 ft long) and print packages

including foundation drawing (pier, floating slab or pit) and

installation manual.


11 foot widths shown below

We recommend the following accessories:

Part Number                    Model                          Capacity         Scale Length (ft)          MSRP Price

63189                    EZ6011-ST-100-OTR            100 TONS                 60'                        $47,300.00

63190                    EZ7011-ST-100-OTR            100 TONS                 70'                        $50,500.00


**Due to the recent steel price increases, some of our products are subject to steel surcharges. Prices listed are subject to change without notice. Please contact our office for a quote on truck scales.