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Retail Scales- Wrappers

Whether you need to outfit an entire grocery department with counter-top scales and automatic wrappers, or you are a smaller deli looking to streamline your process, we will help you find the perfect products for your needs.

Wrapping Stations

Whether you need an automatic or manual wrapper, find the solution that works with your application. Automatic wrappers can wrap, weigh and label trays in one quick step. Manual wrapping stations are often paired with label printing scales or labelers.


Compact Wrappers

Tabletop wrappers offer a compact, semiautomatic wrapping solution ideal for boosting productivity in locations with limited space. High performance and consistent wrapping combine with a footprint that’s less than three square feet for space-saving efficiency.

Wrapping systems from Rice Lake Retail are customizable workstations to best suit your weighing, wrapping and labeling needs. Ishida provides solutions for both automatic and manual applications.

Automatic food wrapper scale

Watch the WM-Ai Fully Automatic Wrapper in Action

WM-Ai Fully Automatic Wrapper

WM-Ai Fully Automatic Wrapper

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Ishida WM-Ai Automatic Wrapper.png

Ishida WM-Ai Automatic Wrapper

Ishida's versatile, PC-based WM-Ai automatic wrapper delivers space-saving efficiency and high-speed performance while weighing, wrapping and labeling up to 35 packages per minute.

Ishida WM-Ai B-Type Automatic Wrapper wi

Ishida WM-Ai B-Type Automatic Wrapper with In-feed Conveyor

Ishida’s WM-Ai automatic wrapper with an in-feed conveyor combines all the functions of the WM-Ai Automatic wrapper. Ideal for wide-variety, small-lot production, the WM-Ai B-Type has automatic film selection, stretching and tray centering.

Ishida WM-Nano Tabletop Wrapper.png

Ishida WM-Nano Tabletop Wrapper

The WM-Nano tabletop wrapper is the ideal solution for grocers and markets with limited space needing high performance and consistent wrapping.

Ishida Uni-9 RP Remote Scale Base.jpg

Ishida Uni-9 RP Remote Scale Base

In conjunction with a wrapping station, the Uni-9 RP is capable of weighing and labeling non-standard sizes and shapes with the same presentation as fully automatic wrappers.

Ishida Uni-7 RP Remote Scale Base.png

Ishida Uni-7 RP Remote Scale Base

Ishida's Uni-7 RP with remote scale base is the perfect model to integrate with stretch film wrapping machines and manual hand-wrapping stations.

Ishida IP-Ai Remote Scale Base.jpg

Ishida IP-Ai Remote Scale Base

With fast weighing and print speeds of 120 millimeters per second, the IP-Ai excels in high volume applications. Its front loading feature and large nine-inch label roll capacity keep you up and running longer.

Ishida Uni-3 Remote Scale Base.jpg

Ishida Uni-3 Remote Scale Base

Networking capabilities and user-friendly operation make the Uni-3 with remote scale base system ideal for prepack operations.

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