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Your Scales Deserve a Spring Cleaning Too

One of our recent service calls involved an old platform scale that was dropped off to us for troubleshooting and repair. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the scale had a lot going wrong with it. Among the culprits were age, neglect and rodent damage.

Broken scale with rodent damage

This is why regular scale maintenance, rodent protection and keeping your scale clean is important. (If you are easily grossed out, scroll no further.)

Broken scale with rodent damage

When the technician opened up the scale he found this lovely sight-- yes, that is a rat skeleton and other rodent debris. Scales can become a popular breeding ground for rodents and pests. This is why it is important to invest in wire with rodent protection to keep the animals from chewing your wires. To avoid costly repairs, have regular scale maintenance performed on your scale by a licensed scale company.

This customer had recently purchased this scale out of state, unaware of the poor condition the insides were in. To make this scale work accurately, 12 out of the 16 load cells will need to be replaced, along with one of the junction boxes and wires.

Scales can be a very helpful, often times required, piece of equipment in your business, if they are taken care of and properly maintained. Poor maintenance and neglect will lead to costly repairs and downtime. Now might be a good time to have your scale checked as the economy starts to open back up and business picks up around the country.

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