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Retail Scales

We carry a full line of scales for all your retail needs. From basic price computing scales, to labeling machines, we can provide a complete system to streamline your retail transactions. Perfect for grocery stores, convenience stores, bakeries, florists or any point-of-sale industry, our retail scales offer many advantages to simplify your operations. Check out some of our retail products below.


  • Price Computing Scales

  • Point of Sale Scales

  • Hanging Retail Scales

  • Retail Labelers

  • Retail Wrappers

retail scale in use.jpg



RS-130 and RS-160

Basic Price Computing Sale

The RS-130 and RS-160 retail scales are the ultimate choice for simple price computing applications. Delivering unmatched convenience and accuracy, the RS-130 and RS-160 provide one-button operation with weight displays in either pounds, kilograms or ounces.

Astra II Price Computing Scale.jpg

Astra II Price Computing Electronic System Scale Printer

Engineered for precision and consistency, the Ishida Astra II price computing scale with printer combines unmatched performance with an ergonomic design that enhances customer convenience. Perfect for supermarkets, bakeries, c-stores, delis and more, the Astra II incorporates bright, easy-to-read displays with an easy label loading feature and user-friendly keyboard design for enhanced user operation.

BenchPro BP-R Retail Digital Bench Scale

BenchPro BP-R Retail Digital Bench Scale

The BenchPro is available in a variety of sizes and capacities, making it ideal for the retail industry. Integrate the BenchPro into checkout counters, delis, food service, restaurants, cafeterias and at the point-of-sale (POS). The all-in-one digital bench scale features USB HID POS, backlit operator display with tempered glass keypad and simple functions such as tare, units switching and zero.

Ishida Uni-3.png

Ishida Uni-3 Series

Ishida's Uni-3 Series price computing retail scale has premium-class presets, fast printing speed and more labeling functions—all for less cost than comparable price computing scales with printers.

Ishida Uni-5.png

Ishida Uni-5 Series

The Uni-5 Series price computing retail scale packs many features into an attractive low profile, small footprint case including a large, programmable, color touchscreen.

Ishida Uni-7.png

Ishida Uni-7 Series

The complete Uni-7 Series price computing retail scale with printer and color touchscreen comes in a variety of highly-functional models, from bench and pole to hanging and self-serve.

Ishida Uni-3L2H hanging scale.jpg

Ishida Uni-3L2H Hanging Scale

Networking capabilities along with user-friendly operation make the Uni-3L2H hanging, printing scale ideal for seafood, meat and produce applications.

Ishida Uni-7 Hanging Scale.png

Ishida Uni-7 Hanging Scale

Ishida’s Uni-7 suspended ergonomic design holds product within a bowl-shaped pan, while the keypad and display are kept at eye level away from moisture.

Ishida IP-Ai Remote Scale Base.png

Ishida IP-Ai Remote Scale Base

With fast weighing and print speeds of 120 millimeters per second, the IP-Ai excels in high volume applications. Its front loading feature and large nine-inch label roll capacity keep you up and running longer.

Ishida Uni-7 Labeler.png

Ishida Uni-7 Labeler

Designed for bakery and floral departments, the Uni-7 labeler prints all legally required ingredient and nutritional information, and supports multiple label formats.

Ishida Uni-9.png

Ishida Uni-9 Series PC Scale

The Uni-9 Series delivers the gourmet experience in retail weighing and wrapping through a large, vivid display and advanced communication all in a more compact design.

Ishida Uni-9 Hanging.png

Ishida Uni-9 Hanging PC-Based Scale

The brilliant color touchscreen and suspended ergonomic design of the Uni-9 hanging scale is ideal for seafood and other high-moisture food applications.

Ishida IP-Ai-P.jpg

Ishida IP-Ai-P Large Roll Label Printer

The Ishida IP-Ai-P is a large-roll label printer ideal for high-volume label printing in bakeries and grocery stores. The IP-Ai-P is a high-speed printer with the ability to create custom graphics and network with product management software.

Ishida WIL-Acro II.jpg

Ishida WIL-Acro II Compact Labeler

The Ishida WIL-Acro II Compact Labeler features ultra-fast printing speeds and a front-loading label cassette. The color touchscreen streamlines operation and its compact size is ideal for applications with limited space, such as floral counters and bakeries.

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